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Knowledge Management Consultant (advisory architecture lead)

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Our client wants to implement knowledge management on a global setup.

The expected benefits are:

  • to minimize the number of production hours lost by improving time to resolution and increasing first contact resolution

  • to optimize the use of resources by improved proficiency, employee retention and satisfaction

  • to enable self-service by improving End User success using self-help

  • to build organisational learning by sharing actionable information and increased success of removing root causes

Today, different knowledge management setups are applied in a few regions. In the future, our client wants a robust structure for knowledge management that covers the global operations.

The current tools used are ServiceNow and ComAround. ServiceNow is the strategic tool that, in general, is used as the ticketing system worldwide.

The setup is a multi-supplier setup; first, second, and third level support are provided by a wide range of internal and external providers. The strategy is to simplify the supplier land-scape going forward.

Knowledge Management is one of several initiatives from a newly established global Service Desk & IT Support Product Area; the initiatives will be managed in parallel using Agile Framework that is based on SAFe®.

Job description:

To prepare for the first Product Innovatio...

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